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Monday, June 11, 2012

Natural mask for beauty...


Masks are sold in all beauty stores, but it would be better if the mask is made from natural ingredients, and if we make the mask alone will save our money. After all, making pretty easy, just blender wrote the material to be used mixed with a little almond oil, olive oil, honey or milk and are important .. be quick to use. In principle, the use of a homemade mask is the same as using ready-made mask. Basically, almost all fruit and vegetable that contains the nutrients can be used as a mask. Among them are:

* Worrtel : 
          Masks made from a mixture of olive oil and carrots useful fatherly reduce wrinkles on the face.

* Avocado : 
          This soft fleshy fruit contains fatty acids which merit while keeping the moisture softens the skin  
          and brighten the face. This mask is suitable for normal to dry skin care. Avocados can also be 
          mixed with tomatoes for added usefulness.

* Bananas and avocados : 
           Bananas have a high moisture content, while the avocado has vitamin D, A and amino acids. 
           Alloys are both able to prevent dull skin, making it firmer, moist, fresh and radiant.

* Cucumbers : 
           Serves as an astringent cucumber (refreshing) the natural, so it is believed to help reduce wrinkles 
           on the face. In order to maximize results, cucumber mask can also be mixed with skim milk.

* Aloe vera :
            When mixed with cold rice powder, aloe vera is believed to soften the skin, to overcome the 
            problem of acne and prevent spots on face.

* Pumpkin and papaya : 
             Both of these fruits contain vitamin C and fruit acid (aam fruit) which can accelerate the process 
             of reproduction of dead skin cells. Also enhance the growth of collagen which is a material that 
             makes the skin become refreshed and toned.

* Star fruit and pineapple : 
             Star fruit and pineapple is rich in vitamins A and C, and minerals that can reduce fatigue in the 
             skin. The benefits of this mask can make your skin look fresher.

* Eggs : 
              Egg white mask beneficial for oily skin problems.

* Honey : 
             When used regularly, a mixture of honey and almond oil is very useful to deal with complaints 
             about the neck is starting to feel loose. Meanwhile, mix honey with lemon is useful for oily skin 

* Milk :
             Milk and yogurt can be used as a mask material useful to help eliminate blemishes and preventing 
             premature aging as well. Sour milk (sour cream) is also effective to overcome the problem of the 
             pores. To moisturize the skin, add the lemon juice into the yogurt before it is applied to the face.

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