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I am an ordinary girl who loves everything about fashion, especially the heels. I am a big fan of Alexander McQueen, christian louboutin, and prada.

I like to collect high heels and flat shoes, although I do not often use it. : D
Actually, I only wear heels when I go to parties, and Saturday nights only.
I created this noires roses to share beauty tips, style of my dress, and little things I do when I feel bored, it may be useful to you.
noires roses name I use as my blog name because for some reason I suddenly thought of the name of the flower, and flowers that I love is a rose. I'm also a fan of black, so I decided to give the name of the rose noir in French language, because I really like the French.

if you want to contact me, 
you can contact me at
and twitter @ narasiaa :)

love, nara..

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