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Friday, November 2, 2012

I'm 20th now...

28 October is my birthday, but I celebrate it with my friends on October 31 (Halloween time) at Gourmet meat shops. I like ribeye aust wagyu menu, very tasty. You should try it.
I plan all my friends and I wore a dress with a Halloween theme, but because the plan was suddenly, so I canceled. That night I wearing black dress with circle motif, and for footwear I wear flat shoes with spike.

 With Yeyen, so glad she can come in my birthday party! (She from singapore)

Thanks to my friends especially Barcode, Devote, fei lie, agus, calvin, and andre for the surprise.
Thanks barcode and devote for bread talk cake, and elmo cupcakes (so cute!!!) I love it!!
and thanks especially to my BF for the elmo head cake and the roses.

Thanks to Yeyen!!!! She is my friend's who school in singapore. I'm so glad because se can come to my birthday party, and thanks for the gift! I love it! balloon head of elmo and channel nail polishes. : D

From my BF. :) 

dress - zara  
spike flat shoes - zara  
clutch - mango  
ring - ysl 


  1. Happy Birthday dear.. Have a blast..!!