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Monday, October 1, 2012

The wild one...

I love these heels, it looks very cool! : D
The first time I saw it in zara, I immediately bought it and the size 39 is only one left. lucky me!
the motif making these heels look amazing. Things I love about this heel is because the heels are not too high, so I would not feel tired if i walk. :)

Oh, I want to share my sad story.
One day I went to zara, and found a nice pair of heels. But my mom said, I didn't have to buy it because I have so many black shoes, so I didn't buy it.
The next day I still want the heels, so one day I went to zara again and intend to buy the heels, but I have a bad news. my size is sold out! unlucky me. : (
So, if you really want some item, buy it immediately! before sold out, it's very sad.

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